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30-Minutes One-to-One (MINI) Pilates Session @ £25


These half-hour sessions are an excellent introduction to Pilates and can be taken in comfort of your own home or online via zoom.


During these sessions we’ll work through the following techniques fit for your body:

  • Activating our pelvic floor and abdominal muscles

  • Engaging our core for more effective exercise

  • Correcting our breathing techniques

  • Improving our posture and balance

  • Applying Pilates to other workouts

  • Working towards goals including strength, flexibility, weight loss and muscle tone

  • Aiding recovery of issues and injuries including neck tension and the classic ‘bad back’


We’ll do all of this using appropriate equipment where possible.


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45-Minute One-to-One (REGULAR) Pilates Session @ £45 OR BUY 10 SESSIONS IN ADVANCE AT £40

These sessions are designed for people wanting to make a commitment to improving their fitness and flexibility. Sessions with me are highly effective in working towards a specific goal, such as:

  • Overcoming injury: Pilates works the whole body to address muscle imbalance and to help with posture and movement. Realign and recover with real progress


  • Losing weight: When practising Pilates you’ll begin to see muscles form and feel the fat burn after as little as two weeks


  • Becoming stronger, fitter and more toned: Flexibility is the key to strength. Muscle by muscle, you’ll become tighter and more toned thanks to your newfound strength through Pilates


  • Pre Natal: These sessions help prepare your body for motherhood; supporting you and your body throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond. 


  • Post Natal: These sessions help new mums to ease back in to exercise after the birth of their baby. Sessions help to strengthen abdominal muscles and the infamous pelvic floor, improve diastasis recti, and just as importantly, help you manage stress and improve your well-being and confidence.​​


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90-minute One-to-One (MAXI) Pilates Session @ £65 

Want to get maximum enjoyment and maximum results from your Pilates sessions with me? These sessions are the way to go!

  • Detailed posture analysis: Together we’ll identify any imbalances in your body to make sure we can correct them and spare you the pain of injury or restricted movement.


  • Activating and engaging our core: Properly working your core will not only make your body look and feel better, but will also make it work more efficiently. Win win.


  • Mat Pilates: With thousands of possible exercises and modifications available, I’ll work with you to create a tailored plan of activity for your needs to align your body and mind.


  • Pilates equipment: The use of equipment is often under-rated in Pilates, but I’m a big fan. When properly used, they bring great benefits, including rehabilitation, resistance and balance.


  • Active relaxation: This sounds like a bit of a contradiction in terms, I know, but concentrating on your relaxation can be incredibly beneficial and therapeutic. I’ll help you pamper your body and mind to create real and deep relaxation. The uses of Pilates equipment is just something you cannot do at home (or at a lot of regular Pilates sessions, for that matter). That’s what makes my sessions so popular.


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