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These classes are designed to train you from your comfort of your own home. All you need is 2 days 45 minutes to get those glorious results! 

Many people wish they should start from somewhere but they don't believe they can, or they think it will be too long too hard and etc. 

Those classes are not there to just to build your body but to build your self-confidence and mental sharpness. 

You can absolutely get incredible physique from these two classes without hitting the Gym. Regardless of your genetics your body can be built, shaped & stretched all this with these two classes. 

I know how it feels to be uncomfortable but have a leap of trust in yourself and start now!

I am here to help you!

What you also don't need to do is; do the guess work, whether;

-how many times a week you need to workout,

-how long your workouts should be,

-should you do more ab workout or

-when and how long your stretches should be.


I do all these calculations and planning for you, you just need to show up 2 times a week. 


So what is it that we do in those classes? The 2 classes consists of, weight training, ab training and stretching.

We use pair of dumbbells and a resistance band to increase strength & shape the body all around. Use any weight you are comfortable with. We will work towards progressive over load by aiming to increase the weights. And who doesn't want visible abs - we will train those abs until you see them through. At the end we end the class with deep stretch working towards flexibility.


ONE WEEK FREE TRIAL - Then monthly £49

MONDAYS & THURSDAYS at 11.30-12.15

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