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DALYAN Retreat 2024

Join me for a 7-Day Retreat in the iconic Dalyan, where you can experience the beauty of this charming town and discover the power of movement.


With over 10 years of experience in Pilates and human body movement, I have designed this retreat to help you tap into your inner strength, create happier and more confident version of yourself. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner, I will provide modifications for each exercise to suit your level.


Our resort, nestled between the mountains and the pool - offers a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere for you to unwind and focus on your health and wellbeing.


Let me take care of everything for 7 days for you, while you rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.

What is Included:


*All meals are included, locally sourced, freshly prepared, and served up in style to make sure you have all the energy and nutrients you need to enjoy every aspect of your retreat.


Breakfast - The first meal of the day includes a nutritious Turkish style buffet prepared from scratch by the family owned resort. I believe that starting the day with a wholesome breakfast sets the tone for a great day ahead. 


Lunch - Lunch is a great opportunity for everyone to take a break from their activities and refuel themselves with some delicious food. So lets all make the most of lunchtime and satisfy our cravings and recharge for the rest of the day. 


Diner - As the sun begins to set each night brings a different home cooked meal, lovingly prepared with fresh ingredients and traditional methods. As we share stories and laughter over a meal, we are reminded of the importance of friendship and the joy of coming together for a delicious dinner. 

*Whether you decide to stay in a charming Garden Room, a cosy Bungalow, or a luxurious Suite, you will be treated to breath-taking views of the surrounding landscape. The resort is surrounded by lush pomegranate trees that add a touch of natural beauty to the serene atmosphere. As you relax on your private balcony or patio, you can take in the iconic sight of the majestic mountains in the distance. No matter which accommodation you choose, you will be immersed in the tranquil and picturesque setting of the garden and its surroundings.

*Joining our Pilates sessions twice a day will be a game-changer for your future self. The first class is designed to help you start your day with a rejuvenated body, ready to take on any challenges. And in the second class, I will guide you through a resistance band workout that you can easily incorporate into your daily routine when you return home. This will not only improve your physical strength and flexibility, but also set you up for a healthier and more active lifestyle in the long run.

Your future self will thank you for making this commitment to your well-being.

*Daily Guided Meditation Sessions: I firmly believe that before one is able to love others, one must love themselves. Throughout the week I will be guiding you through your own journey cultivating a sense of awareness, presence and compassion by focusing on our connections to others and the larger universe.

Have you ever meditated in a Treehouse? I didn't think so!

Meditating in a peaceful environment can be the perfect setting for deepening your practice. Being elevated in a treehouse in our resort provides us with unique perspective on our surroundings which can symbolize a broader perspective on life and help us to gain a fresh outlook on any challenges or concerns we may be facing. 

*The 60 minutes Traditional Belly Dancing Workshop was a highly requested event, and I am pleased to have listened to your feedback. By the end of this workshop, I am confident that you will have gained the skills and knowledge to create a beautiful dance routine that you can proudly showcase to your loved ones. This workshop will provide a comprehensive and immersive experience, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the art of belly dancing. Whether you are a beginner or have some experience, this workshop will cater to all levels and leave you feeling confident and empowered in your dancing abilities.

So come join us and let's shimmy and sway together in this exciting and fulfilling workshop.

*One Private One-to-One Session: The Private One-to-One Session Posture Analysis, lasting for 20-30 minutes, is a valuable addition to your wellness journey with me. During this session, we will conduct a thorough analysis of your posture to identify any imbalances or areas that may need improvement. I will guide you through various techniques to correct your posture and improve your overall alignment. By focusing on your individual needs and providing personalized attention, this session will help you achieve better posture and ultimately, better overall health. Together, we will work towards creating a strong and balanced body that will support you in all aspects of your life.

*Our very own Day Out Private Cruise offers a unique and luxurious experience that is perfect for those looking to relax and unwind. With a variety of activities to enjoy, including a rejuvenating mud bath, swimming in the crystal-clear waters of every bay we stop at, and indulging in a delicious Turkish 3 course meal with BBQ, there is something for everyone to enjoy. And for those who want to stay active, I even offer Pilates session on the sandy Iztuzu beach before lunch is served on the boat. Known as Turtle Beach, Iztuzu is a nesting site for the loggerhead turtle and is protected by special rules. Swimming here is not only safe, but also gives you the chance to spot a loggerhead turtle laying their eggs. Locals believe that if you see a nest, you will have good luck in love. So come aboard our private cruise and experience the beauty and magic of Dalyan for yourself.

*Traveling to Turkey has never been easier with our airport pick up and drop off services included. As soon as you arrive at Dalaman Airport, our friendly staff will be waiting to greet you and take you directly to our resort in Dalyan. The best part? The journey is just 18 miles, so sit back, relax, and let us take care of your transportation needs for a stress-free and memorable retreat in Turkey.

*GLAM UP: It's time to glam up and dress to impress on our last night at the resort! Let's make this a night to remember with a delicious dinner and some dancing. Show off your best outfits and let your confidence shine as we celebrate together. It's the perfect opportunity to let loose and have a great time with our friends. So go all out and let's make this a glamorous and unforgettable evening. Cheers to us, and to making memories that will last a lifetime!

What is not Included:

When planning your trip, the only extra expenses you need to keep in mind are your return flight and transportation in your home country. By leaving these details up to you, it gives you the freedom to choose the most budget-friendly and convenient options for your travel.


If you wish to fly with me, be sure to act quickly as Wizz Air is currently offering return flights from Gatwick and Luton Airport to Dalaman Airport for approximately £240 - £300, with hold baggage included.


To secure your flight, simply download the Wizz Air app and make your booking.

What does a typical Day look like in Dalyan Retreat?


08.15am - 09.00: Time for your morning Pilates - See you all on your mats!  

09.00am: Time for Breakfast - take your time to fuel up in the morning and you will be setting yourself up for a successful day ahead.

10.30am-13.00pm: At the Retreat you can take advantage of the free time to relax and treat yourself. 


The traditional Turkish hammam experience is a popular option, with indulgent spa treatments like massages and facials.


If you prefer a more laid-back approach, the retreat's beautiful pool is the perfect place to unwind with a good book and a refreshing drink.


For those seeking a taste of culture, a trip to the bustling Saturday market is a must. Here, you can browse through a variety of goods such as textiles, ceramics and jewellery. And of course, no trip to Turkey would be complete without trying some delectable Turkish desserts.

13.00pm: Time for lunch - Never skip a meal. When you skip meals, your body goes in to starvation mode where your brain cues your body to slow down functions to conserve energy and burn less calories. So eat up!

14.00pm - 16.00pm: Did you know that you can treat yourself for a truly unique and unforgettable experience by going swimming with horses in Dalyan?


This one-of-a-kind tour offers something for everyone - whether you're an experienced rider or a first-timer. From exploring breath taking landscapes to indulging in delicious wine and riding through rivers and along a stunning beach, this tour has it all.

But the real highlight of this tour is the opportunity to swim with your horse in the crystal clear sea. How good is this? We can even extend the adventure into a half-day trip and finish off the day with a delicious dinner prepared by a traditional chef, all while watching the sun set over the bay. By the end of this tour, around 9:30PM when you return to your resort you will have made unforgettable memories that will stay with you for a lifetime. I am in if you are in?

(Optional - not included)

16.00pm - 16:30pm: Time for your second Class - Pick up your resistance bands & meet me at your mats.

16.45pm - 17.15pm: Time for Meditation - meet me at the Treehouse.

19.00pm: Diner & Drinks. Whether you prefer a cosy diner at our resort or want to explore the various dining options in town you are sure to have a fantastic time at our Retreat.  Our retreat accommodates everyone's choices so please don't miss out on the below events:

BREAKING THE ICE ON OUR FIRST NIGHT at the Resort - Please come and have a diner with everyone and I would like to welcome you with a drink on the night, my treat!

TEAM 2024 SATURDAY NIGHT OUT - Diner & Cocktails in Town (Optional - not included)

GLAM UP LADIES  - Lets dress to impress on our last night at the Resort! 

Diner & Dance by the pool!

When is our next Retreat in Dalyan?

Thursday 9th - Thursday 16th of May 2024 for 7 Nights.

Booking early for our retreat is highly recommended to avoid disappointment as our capacity is strictly limited. A deposit of £550 per person is required to secure your spot, with the option of paying in up to three instalments. Don't hesitate to ask about our payment plans.


Whether you are traveling solo or with a friend, our retreat is the perfect opportunity to relax, rejuvenate and make meaningful connections.


So don't delay, book now and secure your spot for an unforgettable experience.

Accommodation & Prices:


Garden Room: £1150   SOLD OUT

Bungalow or Suite: £1420


Garden Room: £980 pp   SOLD OUT

Bungalow or Suite: £1080 pp 


All rooms Garden rooms, bungalows and suites have spectacular forest, mountain and garden views of the nature in Dalyan. 

Garden Rooms: Garden rooms at the resort are located on the ground floor and have direct access to the garden and the outdoor space. These rooms are designed to provide guests with a tranquil and relaxing environment, allowing them to enjoy the beauty of nature right outside their door. These garden rooms feature glass doors that offer views of the surrounding greenery and allow natural light to fill the room. All garden rooms have a private patio where you can sit and enjoy the peaceful outdoor space with spectacular views over the mountains.

Bungalows: Bungalows at this retreat resort are standalone accommodations that are typically single-story and separate from the main resort. They are designed to provide quests with a more private and secluded experience. These bungalows have their own private patio and garden. Bungalows are very popular among my retreat guests who value more privacy and tranquillity.


Suites: Suites in this resort are larger and more spacious accommodations that typically includes a separate living area and a bedroom. They are designed to provide our retreat guests with more comfort and space during their stay. All suites come with a private balcony with views over the mountains, garden and the swimming pool. These suites are ideal for guests who desire more space and privacy if they are travelling solo or with a friend. 

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