Craving some paradise with your Pilates?


In 2022, I will be back running my popular Pilates retreats in my beautiful home nation of Turkey, where I originally hail from!


Our hotel for the retreats looks to the mountains on one side and looks out to the pool on the other. It’s a haven of pure peace, which is just perfect for Pilates.


Retreats run for seven days, and you’ll be truly looked after in every respect so that you can concentrate on what it means to take care of your health and wellbeing.


All food is locally sourced, freshly prepared, and served up in style to make sure you have all the energy and nutrients you need to enjoy every aspect of your retreat, which will include daily Pilates sessions (of course) followed by a delicious and nutritious breakfast, meditation, your own private one-to-one session with me, your lunch and diner, mud bath, trips with our private Dalyan Cruise tour and time to explore the town, the market and enjoy chill-out time with your new companions.


The only additional cost for you to consider (on top of those souvenir spends) is your travel to and from the UK. By leaving this aspect to you, it allows you complete flexibility to choose the most affordable and convenient ways and times to travel!


As well as my former retreat attendees telling me they gain so much from the Pilates, meditation and nutrition elements that fill their week, they tell me how they’ve also made friends for life, which is wonderful seeing that as for many, this is the first time they’ve ever journeyed alone for a holiday.


We cannot underestimate the power of relationships – or some serious ‘me time - on our wellbeing.


Our next Pilates Retreat in Turkey/ Dalyan 1st October 2022 for 7 Nights


Please book as early as you can to avoid disappointment. Capacity is strictly limited.


Full Payment Required by 1ST of August 2022


Prices £695-£995




Garden Room (price per person)              £695

Bungalow (price per person)                     £795

Suit (price per person)                               £895                                      

Garden Room (single person)        £795

Bungalow (single person)              £895

Suit (single person)                        £995