I am Ayse.


It’s pronounced ‘Aiysha’.  


(I could sense you were wondering)!


As a fitness professional, I believe that Pilates is something that all of our bodies and minds can benefit from, and so it’s my mission to show that it can be affordable and accessible for everyone.


Although you can find me delivering group workshops and classes both online and ‘in real life’, my main focus within Pilates is working One-to-One with my lovely clients right here in my private studio in Milton Keynes.


So, what background do I have as I seek to spread my mission to get everyone’s minds and bodies feeling remarkable through Pilates?


Well, I was an Accountant for 10 years, if that explain things.


It doesn’t? Okay then…


Most people turn to Pilates as a way of relieving physical and mental stress. Having worked as an Accountant for so long, I know a thing or two about stress! Coupled with the fact that my day consisted of soooo much staring at a screen - and the crippling boredom of being confined to a desk in a cramped office - I knew that my health was suffering. I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I bet you know what that feels like, don’t you?


I’d always loved fitness, and for several years I’d really enjoyed practising Taekwondo. But, just as I’d always been deemed ‘too cheerful’ to be an Accountant, it seemed I was ‘too much of a pacifist’ to be a fighter! I loved the health and fitness benefits Taekwondo gave me, but the sparring… it just wasn’t for me!


And so, I turned to Pilates, determined to qualify as an instructor so that I could teach this magnificent exercise system to everyone.


And here we are!


Today, I find myself with a Diploma in Pilates and PT, a Degree in Economics, and a distant dream of what might have happened if I’d stepped up for that Black Belt.

Want to find out more about how Pilates can change your life the way it changed mine? Enjoy the info on my website, or click on the links to follow me on social media.