Each workshop is themed around an area of interest in health and wellbeing.


Workshops are a mix of theory and practice to ensure a fully rounded understanding and application of how we can shape and improve our health and wellbeing. They can run for a half day or a full day, and at the end of the session you’ll head home not only healthier and happier, but in possession of an education that will help you long into the future. In most cases, I’ll even equip you with resources, booklets and takeaways (no, not that kind) !


Of course, if you have an idea for a workshop that isn’t listed here but is something that you would like to explore and educate yourself around for better wellbeing, please do contact me here. Pilates is nothing without an open mind!

Course Title:          Pelvic Floor Muscle Training

When:                     5th Feb 2021, Sat @11.30

Duration:               4 hours

Course Fee:             £60

Tea, coffee and cakes included in the price.


Course Content:  Pelvic floor weakness is the root cause of incontinence. Major life episodes such as menopause, childbirth, surgery or aging can all weakens the pelvic floor muscles. Join me in my 4 hours master class which I’ll teach you the technique, so you can turn your pain into power!


More Workshops to follow . Watch this space!

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