1 Week Meal Plan: £75

4 Weeks Meal Plan: £225


Whether it’s weight loss you seek or you’re simply craving better nutrition, all of my programmes are completely individualised. I believe in being happy, and I don’t believe you can achieve this if you are restricted in your diet or if you’re being almost forced to eat things you don’t enjoy preparing or eating. In working with me on all things weight loss and/or nutrition, you can be sure that although your eyes will certainly be opened, your tummy will always be full!


I’m used to the fact now that my wonderful clients come to me as a last hope, having tried all of the mainstream programmes and fads on offer, so I’m slowly but surely spreading my message to make sure that I’m the first person people think of if and when the time comes to start eating well – and for them to start seeing results that extend beyond the waistline.


And me? I’ve trained as a Vegan Chef, but it’s a largely a flexitarian life I live, these days. When I start working with you, I’ll help you plan meals that you’ll truly enjoy and want to eat (fitting around all of your tastes and tolerances), and though I’m here to keep you accountable, I’ll always make sure you feel amazing about this wonderful decision you’ve made to improve your health.


I have covered everything for you, from breakfast, lunch and dinner to snacks. I’ll do all the work for you – you simply follow the right meal plan for you.


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